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Special mobile UV curing equipment designed to cure paints, varnishes, putties, etc. on floors. The device is designed as a motorized carriage with a special ozone-free UV lamp. This UV lamp is equipped with a reflector made from special material with increased reflectivity in UV range. This reflector focuses UV light on the floor to use maximum of UV energy for trouble-free curing of UV curable materials. The UV lamp is placed in a module which is equipped with a special shield which prevents against escape of UV radiation
UV lamp power is provided by a control electronics. This electronics gives to user the informations about ready to work
(reaching the UV lamp working point) and it also ensures right cooling of the UV lamp after finishing of work. The control electronics also provides an indication of possible fault states. Reswitching of UV lamp between stand-by mode and full 100% power is provided automatically in dependence on device movement.
Built-in motor drive drives a pair of driven wheels that are complemented by a pair of non-driven rotating wheels. This design ensures perfect steerability of the whole equipment. There is also another pairs of transport wheels on the back of the device, which allow the device to be easily accessed directly to the processed surface so that the wheels do not become dirty after cleaning. All wheels are very easy to clean.
Motion control is done on the handlebars with the control panel, by turning the right hand grip forward or revers the movement of the device is switch on in the appropriate direction. As the forward speed is used the one adjusted by the operator, the maximum possible speed of the device is used when moving backwards (the UV lamp remains in standby mode when moving backward). The device allows to operator to set the needed speed directly in meters per minute (display on built-in display). The handlebars with the control panel are adjustable in height, easy to fold for easy transport, creating an additional handle for easy handling of the device. The movable handle construction also prevents damage of the module with UV lamp when attempting to tilt the device forward. Also the special dock made of stainless steel is part of the device. This dock ensures safe parking of the device during starting and during cooling even when the UV lamp is switched on.
All necessary cooling fans of UV lamps are built into the device. Special UV resistant wheels for easy handling. The design of the device complies with all the necessary standards and regulations of the EU countries, the equipment is equipped with a CE declaration.
We also offer a set of appropriate protective equipment.

FloorStar 350/85
irradiated width: 380 mm
linear UV power: 85 W/cm
speed: continuously adjustable 2-10 m/min
device dimensions (l x w x h): 750 x 530 x 470 mm (without handle)
weight of the device: approx. 42 kg
installed power: 3300 W
power supply: 1 x 230V

FloorStar 700/85 MAXI
irradiated width: 700 mm
linear UV power: 85 W/cm
speed: continuously adjustable 2-10 m/min
device dimensions (l x w x h): 1050 x 530 x 470 mm (without handle)
weight of the device: approx. 49 kg
installed power: 6000 W
power supply: 3 x 400V

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